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FAQ: Cisco ISR


Please Note - This FAQ has been ripped from Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 - Cisco because we're testing out how these newfangled communities work.  Do you have NEW questions on the ISR series?

Q. What is Cisco adding to its portfolio of integrated services routers?

A. Cisco is introducing new integrated services routers that build on the concept of a truly borderless network by integrating multiple services into a single platform that can provide all the services a typical branch office needs. The services include increased capacities for routing, switching, unified communications, security, and applications integration. At the same time, the new routers are designed for expansion that can deliver increased performance and capabilities over time without the need for expensive system upgrades for hardware as remote sites grow.

Q. Why is Cisco introducing these new routers?

A. The latest additions to the Cisco portfolio of integrated services routers enhance a rich history of integrated services with world-class routing. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of emerging Ethernet WAN deployments using the latest technical innovations in the industry.

Q. How do these new routers differ from the currently available integrated services routers?

A. These routers include several advancements developed as a result of customer feedback on the original routers. They support faster interface and application module form factors, including a service module (SM), an enhanced high-speed WAN interface card (EHWIC), and an internal services module (ISM), with an 802.11n wireless option on the new Cisco ® 1941W Integrated Services Router. Also included are system innovations such as the multigigabit fabric (MGF) for module-to-module communication, dual Compact Flash memory slots, and, for the first time on any Cisco product, a USB console interface.

These new routers are also the flagship products for the introduction of a new and simplified form of Cisco IOS ® Software packaging based on a single universal Cisco IOS ® Software image that delivers all features and functions through licensing keys. All routers by default now include additional Compact Flash and main system memory (DRAM) at no additional cost, and you can configure them to much higher densities than current integrated services routers. Also, the new Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers include a modular services performance engine (SPE) for field-upgradable performance. Finally, router performance has been dramatically improved with the new generation of integrated services routers delivering approximately 2-6 times the performance of the current generation of integrated services routers while simultaneously increasing the power efficiency and power management features to control the amount of power these systems consume.

Q. What are the plans to discontinue the currently available integrated services routers?

A. We currently have no plans for changing the status of the current generation of integrated services routers (Cisco 1800, 2800, and 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers) to end-of-sale or end-of-life status. These routers will continue to fill a role as part of the larger family of integrated services routers for some time to come. The current generation of integrated services routers, with more than 6 million in use worldwide, is proof of the popularity of these platforms for the foreseeable future.

Cisco Employee

Is there a FAQ for the 800 Series?

Cisco Employee

Hello Comrade!  You can learn about the ISR 800 Series here: Cisco 800 Series Integrated Services Router FAQ - Cisco