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How to automatically save NVRAM configurations in CatOS when the switch is running in different configuration modes (binary or text mode)


Core issue

The auto-save feature makes it possible to automatically save configurations to the Nonvolatile Random-Access Memory (NVRAM) in text-configuration mode after a specified interval. The NVRAM file is used for configuration during the next bootup.

When the configuration mode is set to text-configuration, the configuration is not automatically saved, as in binary mode. A write memory command must be issued to save the configuration every time a change is made. However, there is an auto-save feature in text-configuration mode.

The text configuration is not automatically saved in NVRAM unless the auto-save feature is enabled.

Note: If the system configuration mode is set to binary mode, the auto-save feature cannot be enabled.

This is an explanation of relative keywords that are used to configure the auto-save feature:

  • disable: Disables the text configuration auto-save feature.
  • enable: Enables the text configuration auto-save feature.
  • interval: Sets the time interval between text configuration auto-saves.


To enable the auto-save feature, first set the system configuration mode to text and configure the system to save the text configuration in NVRAM. To do this, perform these steps:

  1. To set the configuration mode to text, issue the set config mode text auto-save enable command:

    Cat6500> (enable) set conf mode text auto-save ?

  2. Use the enable keyword to enable to the auto-save feature, and then the interval keyword to set the intervals at which the NVRAM text configuration is to be saved.

    The time interval between each occurrence of saved text in the NVRAM configuration can be specified even if the system is in binary mode. If the timeframe after the interval keyword is entered is not specified, the interval is set to the default of 30 minutes.

Note: The set conf mode text auto-save command is also used to change the configuration mode from a binary model to a text model.

For more information, refer to the Setting the Text File Configuration Mode to Auto-Save section of Working with the Flash File System.