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How to configure a Cisco Catalyst switch as a VMPS



For step-by-step instructions on how to configure a Cisco Catalyst switch as a VLAN Management Policy Server (VMPS), refer to the Configure VMPS section of Configuring Dynamic Port VLAN Membership with VMPS.

With the VMPS, a Cisco Catalyst switch administrator can dynamically assign a network device to a particular VLAN. This technology is useful in sites that contain a large number of mobile users.

VMPS enables the dynamic assignment of switch ports to VLANs, based on the source MAC address of the device connected to the port. When a host is moved from a port on one switch in the network to a port on another switch in the network, the switch dynamically assigns the new port to the proper VLAN for that host.

Refer to the Components Used section of Troubleshooting the Catalyst VMPS Switch for information on the minimum software level necessary in order to run both the VMPS and VMPS client, and suggestions on how to troubleshoot the various stages and components of a Dynamic VLAN (DVLAN) assignment.


1. The VMPS is not supported on the Cisco Catalyst 2950.

2. The Cisco Catalyst 3550 and 3548 only support the VMPS client. High-end switches such as the Catalyst 6000/6500 switches can be a VMPS server.

3. A PC cannot be configured to be a VMPS server.