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How to configure or control the fan speed settings in Catalyst 6500 series switches



It is not possible to configure the fan tray for speed and auto cut features as they are set when they were manufactured.

In a fan-tray model WS-C6K-9SLOT-FAN2=; Catalyst 6509 High Speed Fan Tray, there is jumper to set to full or variable speeds.

By default, the fan-tray ships with the variable speed capability, which means the RPM of the fan-tray increases as the ambient temperature increases. This mode provides enough Continuous Flow Measurement (CFM) to the system, so there ideally is not any need to force fan-tray to full speed.

The fan-tray contains an EEPROM device, which stores the worst case power consumption value so the system supervisor takes this parameter into account. Both modes, full speed and variable speed, consume almost the same amount of power when they run at worst case.

If a failure is detected in a fan or thermistor, these events are initiated by the Controller Board:

  1. The Fan Tray Assembly sends an alarm signal to the system Supervisor.
  2. The Fan Tray LED changes color from GREEN to RED.
  3. The rest of the fan spins at its highest RPM.

In order to display the information about the cooling parameters, use the environment cooling command.