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How to convert an Access Point to IOS Software



There are two methods for converting a non-IOS Access Point (AP) to Cisco IOS  Software:

  • You can use the Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE) web interface and create conversion jobs that you can schedule at a desired time. This method is recommended if you have a WLSE.     
  • If you do not have a WLSE, you can download and install the Cisco Aironet Conversion Tool from and manually convert APs. For information on this tool, refer to the Cisco Aironet Conversion documentation on

To perform the conversions using the WLSE, perform these steps:

  1. Satisfy the prerequisites.      
  2. Configure the APs to be converted.      
  3. Configure the WLSE for Cisco IOS Software conversions.      
  4. Create a conversion template on the WLSE.      
  5. Create and run the conversion job.      
  6. Check the results.

The WLSE automatically converts most of the non-IOS configuration data to IOS-style configuration. However, certain key data are not automatically converted and must be specified as part of the upgrade job. Therefore, when you use the WLSE to convert to Cisco IOS Software, you must first define a non-IOS configuration template that includes certain parameters. This template is assigned to the devices during the upgrade process.

Note: After you convert a non-IOS AP to Cisco IOS Software, you cannot reverse the process. The AP cannot be converted back to non-IOS firmware.

For obtaining a step-by step procedure for converting the APs to Cisco IOS Software using WLSE, refer to Converting Access Points to IOS.