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How to update device firmware support in WLSE



You can view and update the firmware versions supported by the Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE). The WLSE maintains an internal list of officially supported firmware versions. 

When WLSE was released, support was included for the Access Point (AP) firmware versions that were available at that time. The WLSE can be updated to add support for firmware versions that are released later. When support is available for newer versions, an update file will be posted on You can download this file and import it into the WLSE to update versions supported by the firmware module.

To import new firmware support information, perform this procedure:

  1. To download the firmware version update file to your desktop or another network computer from, refer to CiscoWorks Software.

    The firmware version update file is listed along with the WLSE software update files.

  2. Select Administration > System > New Version Support.
  3. Enter the path to the device support file, or click Browse.
  4. Click Import.

For more information on updating device firmware, refer to Updating Device Firmware.