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ISSUE: Unable to use new image after reboot on upgrading 4500E from ipbasek9-mz to



This document provides solution for the issue where 4500E catalyst switch fails to run on new image after upgrading from ipbasek9-mz to on 4500E Catalyst Switch

Problem Description

The upgrade is done on the switch using the following commands

Set the boot to use the new image by using the following commands:

"Switch(config)#no boot system flash cat4500e-baseipk9-mz.122-54.SG1.bin"

"Switch(config)#boot system flash cat4500e-entservicesk9-mz.122-54.SG1.bin"

Save the configuration and reboot the switch. The switch fails to pick the new image and picks the old image with a message “using the first file in the flash...”


Solution 1

To fix this issue, get in to the Rommon mode, Enter the command 

"boot bootflash:cat4500e-entservicesk9-mz.122-54.SG1.bin"

When the switch is booted completely loading the config file, delete the old image from the flash and reboot to confirm the switch is responding normal.

Solution 2

We can achieve the same configuration without deleting the old image.  Change the config register value to 0x2102 and use the correct boot statement. This will make the switch to boot by picking the correct image without deleting the old image.

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