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Low amount of free memory in lsmpi_io on ASR1000 series


LSMPI - Linux Shared Memory Punt Interface - memory pool is being used to transfer packets/messages from the forwarding processor to the route processor. This memory pool is carved at router initialization into pre-allocated buffers, as opposed to the Processor pool where IOSXE can allocate memory blocks dynamically.

------------------ show memory statistics ------------------

                Head    Total(b)     Used(b)     Free(b)      Lowest(b)  Largest(b)
Processor   3008A008   1758579984   306721100   1451858884   1414499484 1406502920
lsmpi_io   98FF71D0     6295088     6294120         968         968      968

It is therefore expected to see this low amount of free memory in lsmpi_io. In fact, it would be more of a concern to see a large amount of free memory for that pool as it would mean IOSXE wasn't able to allocate that memory.

Also, examining show buffers and the lsmpi_rx and lsmpi_tx secions, we can see that the free buffers counters are 0.

Private particle pools:
lsmpi_rx buffers, 416 bytes (total 8194, permanent 8194):
     0 in free list (8194 min, 8194 max allowed)
     8194 hits, 0 misses
     8194 max cache size, 0 in cache
     3316582 hits in cache, 0 misses in cache
lsmpi_tx buffers, 416 bytes (total 4098, permanent 4098):
     0 in free list (4098 min, 4098 max allowed)
     4098 hits, 0 misses
     4098 max cache size, 4089 in cache
     1952353 hits in cache, 0 misses in cache

If your snmp application is polling this memory or pool statistics, it will generate false positive alerts. It would therefore be better to discontinue polling the lsmpi_io pool or lsmpi buffers.


I have the same problem in the Cisco LMS. How can I disable polling the lsmpi_io pool or lsmpi buffers


I heard same problem for CiscoCRS8s device model from our customer where they said false alarms generated for image/reserved memory area. Hence requested that to be excluded from monitoring. We want that to be confirmed from cisco if its applicable to CRS devices alike ASR.