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Need Suggestion


Good Morning,

Dear Cisco Experts, I  need your guidence regarding two important matters,

1- My CCSP is going  to be expired on 16 Feb 2010. I have attached my Cisco acheivement pdf file.  Kindly suggest me ,

which exam i need to  stop my CCSP expires before above mentioned date.

1.1- Now how many  exams i need to achieve the CCNP Security title. What i understan from cisco  site, if i give only two exams IPS v7 and VPN or SNAA then i will got CCNP  Security Tital and my CCSP also renew for next three years. What you say  ?

1.2- if i want to  get CCNP Track then what are the exams for that one.

Last but not least ,  what in which senario i will same time and money as well.

My Detail  Information is mention below.

Kindly reply me as  early as possible because i have left my less time to save my CCSP  tile.