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Scripts to pull RP- and Linecard-level Commands


These scripts were created for customers to gather data from the Route Processor and the Linecards from 7600s (cscocmd_ccuratol_vCV2.2.tcl)

and uBR10k (cscocmd_ccuratol_vCV2.2.tcl).  The information gathered is then output to a folder on disk0:.

This script works around an EEM limitation on the uBR10k when gathering data from the linecards since we have to telnet into the linecards from the RP in order to get particular command output.  While telnetting into linecards, the output from the telnet session is not echoed back to EEM (thus, EEM isn't aware that the commands "took" using cli_exec).  The uBR10k script works around this by allocating a timer to pull the data from the linecarrds and then collecting the output from the telnet-to-linecard session after it closes.  This is done in the "CLICmdProc_CLC_LEVEL" process.

The CLI cmds can be modified in psuedo-template form at the top of the scripts.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Christopher, thanks for contributing these scripts to our community.  We really appreciate all customer contributions.