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Tech Insights:Use the IOS Call-Home Feature to Send CLI Output to Email Destinations and to Cisco TAC Service Requests


One of the benefits of the IOS Call-Home feature is the option to send the output of any CLI command to an email address or even to a Cisco Service Request. This option was introduced in 12.2(33)SXI for the Catalyst 6500 Series Switches, 12.2(33)SRC for the Cisco 7600 Series Routers, 12.4(24)T for the Cisco 7200 Series/7301 Routers, and 12.2(52)SG for the Catalyst 4500/4900 Series Switches. It will also be available in future OS releases for other Cisco products.

To take advantage of this option on the supported IOS systems, the Call-Home configuration must include at least one SMTP server address. Additional Call-Home email configuration parameters such as the sender from and sender reply-to addresses may also be configured but are not required. A complete list of all Call-Home configuration commands may be found in the Call-Home configuration guide for your Cisco product at

The following sample Call-Home configuration steps show a mail-server and the optional sender email address being configured.

Router# configure terminal 
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
Router(config)# call-home
Router(cfg-call-home)# mail-server priority 10
Router(cfg-call-home)# sender from
Router(cfg-call-home)# end

If a mail-server is configured and there is a need to send any CLI output to an email destination or Cisco TAC Service Request, the call-home send command with a CLI command to execute, an optional email address and an optional Cisco TAC Service Request number may be used. The CLI command to be executed must be within quotes (" ") and may be abbreviated (e.g. "sh tech"). If an email address is not specified, the system will send the message to the Cisco TAC Service Request email address When sending to a Cisco TAC Service Request email address, a service request number is required and can be provided with the tac-service-number keyword. The service request number may also be included when sending to other email addresses. When specified, the service request number is added to the email message subject.

Command Syntax:

Router# call-home send "command" [email email-addr] [service-number SR#]

The following examples show the command being used to send an attachment to a Cisco TAC Service Request and to an email address.

Router# call-home send "show tech-support" tac-service-number 1234567
Router# call-home send "show ip mroute" email

For additional information on using the Call-Home feature, go to

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