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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN

TFTP transfer fails when using Cisco TFTP server version 1.1 due to logging being enabled on the TFTP server program



To resolve this problem, perform these steps:

  1. In the Cisco TFTP server program, select View > Options and uncheck the Show file transfer progress and Enable logging options.      

    In many cases, this prevents programs from crashing or transfers from not working properly. 

    Note: The Microsoft Windows based TFTP server previously provided by Cisco Systems has been discontinued and is no longer supported by Cisco Systems. For more information, refer to Cisco TFTP Server.

  2. If the TFTP transfer still fails after the options are changed, try a different TFTP server program. Search for a TFTP server using your favorite Internet search engine.

  3. If the transfer fails with a different TFTP server program, the issue may not be with the TFTP server.      

    If this is the case, verify these options:  

    • The file being copied to the router is in the TFTP server root directory.                
    • The filename is correct, including the case sensitivity.                
    • Connectivity exists between the router and the TFTP server. You should be able to ping between the router and the TFTP server address.                
    • No Access Control Lists (ACLs) or firewall features configured on the router block TFTP traffic.                
    • No firewall software is running on the PC, which stops TFTP traffic.      

    For more information, refer to Common Problems Installing Images Using TFTP or an RCP Server.

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