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The %FILESYS-SP-5-IFLASH: and %FILESYS-SP-5-UNKNDEV: error messages are received in Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switches with Supervisor 720 running Cisco IOS software


Core issue

Error messages similar to these can appear in the logs:

Aug 30 08:16:26.055: %FILESYS-SP-5-IFLASH: Internal Flash bootflash format is from a different router type

Aug 30 08:16:26.055: %FILESYS-SP-5-IFLASH: Internal Flash bootflash reformat is recommended

Aug 30 08:16:26.059: %FILESYS-SP-5-UNKNDEV: Unknown device bootflash:/ format is from a different router type

These messages mean that the status of a flash: file system has changed, and the router is sending a continuous request to reformat the bootflash:

In a scenario where there is a 6500 switch with a pair of Sup720s  one in standby and one in active mode   these messages can show even after the active supervisor is reformatted several times.


In order to resolve this issue, re-format the bootflash: of the active supervisor and the standby supervisor.

If the error messages occur after the supervisor is reformatted, please contact Cisco Technical Support online using the TAC Service Request Tool.

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