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The %MGMT-4-OUTOFNVRAM: Out of NVRAM space: error error message is seen on Cisco Catalyst switches running Catalyst OS (CatOS)


Core issue

This message indicates that an NVRAM write operation has failed due to lack of space. The first [dec] is the configuration block that was being written to NVRAM, the second [dec] is the size of the configuration that was being written to NVRAM, the third [dec] is the total NVRAM size in the system, and the fourth [dec] is the amount of NVRAM space available.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Move the Access Control List (ACL) configuration to Flash memory, or clear the configuration for modules not in use.  

  2. Use text config mode instead of binary config mode.  

The text-based method does not write the configuration changes to NVRAM as they are entered, but instead stores the changes in DRAM until a write memory command is issued from the Command Line Interface (CLI). Then the configuration is stored as one block on the device specified in the syntax.

Issue the show config mode command to display the system configuration mode currently running on the switch.

Issue the set config mode command to change the configuration mode from a binary model to a text model. For more information on this command, refer to set config mode text {device:file-id}.

Note: Only the QoS and security ACL configuration and module-related configuration are deleted when you use the text mode. The rest of the configuration is saved in the NVRAM in binary format.