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The "%C6KENV-SP-4-MINORTEMPALARM:" error message displays in Catalyst 6500 series switches with Sup720 that runs Cisco IOS system software


Core issue

The error message can look similar to this:

%C6KENV-SP-4-MINORTEMPALARM: [chars] has exceeded normal operating temperature range.

This means that the normal operating temperature range has been exceeded. This message can indicate a trend for the module or component, and also a trend for other components in the system.

In the previous message, the [chars] can consist this information:

  • EARL 8/0 inlet temperature crossed threshold #1(=45C)

  • Module [num] outlet temperature crossed threshold #1(=60C)

where, EARL is an ASIC in the module


Inspect the indicated module or component closely to determine why it operates out of normal operating temperature range and determine whether it eventually exceeds the allowed operating temperature range. Verify that air flow to the device is not blocked and that the fan is operational.

If this is an one time alarm event, you can safely ignore.

Issue the show environment temperature command in order to see temperature readings and the show environment alarm threshold command in order to see alarm thresholds.


Hi Team,


Similar alarm repeating daily.Where airflow and fan device are found ok.

What is the workaround and resolution for this alarms.

module 5 RP outlet temperature: 50C
module 5 RP inlet temperature: 35C

Version 12.2(33)SRE8


 Pwr-Allocated  Oper
Fan  Type               Watts   A @42V State
---- ------------------ ------- ------ -----
1    FAN-MOD-9SHS        241.50  5.75  OK
2    FAN-MOD-9SHS        241.50  5.75  OK

Apr 20 00:57:10.676: %C7600_ENV-SP-4-MINORTEMPALARM: RP 5/0 outlet temperature crossed threshold #1(=50C). It has exceeded normal o.
Apr 20 00:59:16.788: %C7600_ENV-SP-4-MINORTEMPALARMRECOVER: RP 5/0 outlet temperature crossed threshold #1(=50C). It has returned t.

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