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The "%Error opening bootflash:config (File not found)" error message is displayed when the "copy config tftp" command is issued on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch


Core issue

The error message occurs when the user attempts to copy the configuration which was stored in the bootflash to the TFTP server. This is due to the file in the bootflash or Flash has got crashed due to some reasons. So the switch is not able to retaining the file from the bootflash.


It is recommended to store the configurations in the switch to TFTP server as backup. And if the configurations are stored as back up in the Flash or Bootflash, the backup configurations will be lost if the Flash or Bootflash fails.

Cisco recommends these commands depending on the situation:

  • To save the current system configuration that the switch runs, issue this command:

    Switch#copy running-config tftp
  • To save the startup configuration, which is the configuration that the switch uses to boot, issue this command:

    Switch#copy startup-config tftp
  • If the switch fails, and loses all configuration, issue this command to copy the configuration in the flash card:

    Switch#copy tftp flash

For more information, refer to the copy command section of Catalyst 6500 Series Command Reference.

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