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The "Processor [number] of module in slot [number] cannot service session requests" error message appears in the logs of a Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch


Core issue

The Processor [number] of module in slot [number] cannot service session requests error message occurs when the session slot number> processor number> command is issued in an attempt to establish a session in these situations:

  • When the module is unavailable in the slot 
  • When the processor is unavailable in the module 
  • When a module already has a session established at the time of login to the switch

This is a sample error output:

Processor 0 of module in slot 5 cannot service session requests.

Issue the remote login command (or remote login switch command for the Sup 2, Sup 32 and Sup 720). This is equivalent to the session command in the Catalyst Operating System (CatOS).


This error message is only informational. Before an attempt is made to session into a slot, perform these steps:

  1. Ensure that the module is present in the slot. 
  2. Ensure that the processor is available in the module.
  3. Ensure that no session already exists to the module.