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Troubleshooting Switch License Install Issues


Catalyst 4500:

Cat4k IOS SW licenses are as follows:
- for 4503/4506, one enhanced L3 license for the supervisor
- for 4507R/4510R, one enhanced L3 license for the chassis

Issue 1: Failed: Specified UDI not found

You get an error message akin to "Failed:Specified UDI not found"

Make sure the license was generated per the above rules for the 4500.   The folks in licensing do not always know which serial number and part  ID to use and will often generate the license mismatched (ie chassis  serial # and Sup Part ID).

Here are the contents of a sample license file.  You'll see the serial number & PID in bold.  Make sure they match.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><CISCO_WT_ARTIFACTS version="1.0"><CISCO_WT_LICENSE version="1.0"><FEATURE_NAME>ipbase</FEATURE_NAME><FEATURE_VERSION>1.0</FEATURE_VERSION><UDI><PID>WS-C4510R-E</PID><SN>SPE12345678</SN></UDI><SOURCE>Cisco HQ</SOURCE><CREATE_DATE>2011-02-02T12:27:45</CREATE_DATE><LICENSE_LINE_HASH hashAlgo="SHA1">sdjC+123456789tABqdgxE87Po=</LICENSE_LINE_HASH><TYPE>PERMANENT</TYPE><LICENSE_LINE><![CDATA[11 ipbase 1.0 LONG NORMAL STANDALONE EXCL INFINITE_KEYS INFINITE_KEYS NEVER NEVER NiL SLM_CODE CL_ND_LCK NiL *1UG2ABCKEFGHIJ400 NiL NiL NiL 5_MINS <UDI><PID>WS-C4510R-E</PID><SN>SPE12345678</SN></UDI> DlR7FXJno2,3BDiBkv4GVEtw:ajCQRwsMGzzFG123456789098765,OUnvLAtgtpVFIOA:Jr:N5mbirGpf2AjvLu8RYIT7D6oON4LA8i:BcXL72hVAlAFu7q4arxjylr38LJ$<WLC>AQEBIf8B//+5D2KWQmOVz71RspLUJdvviBnoPaJcxkVMehB7v3404wBd4A7CaTrOXJKQExSNDAhHebPkGlARtYd1UQO7GJ3KnufZ9oZ6JdFniDf5HrQ8DrXdpCz5RgZE+y8fbN200xiXA5cB3fwcJqoPIFZm2HmD1qFfsyTAzuio66t612345678Vhvoh/FZfy5iRY3oE=</WLC>]]></LICENSE_LINE><USER_MODIFIABLE_COMMENT fieldRestrictions="Max 99 ASCII characters in length."></USER_MODIFIABLE_COMMENT></CISCO_WT_LICENSE></CISCO_WT_ARTIFACTS>

Install Command:
license install bootflash:SPE12345678_20110113112345678.lic
license install tftp://<ip address>/SPE12345678_20110113112345678.lic

Issue 2: License file parsing failed

The license often comes as a Zip file.  If they are not unzipped prior to installation the 4500 will generate the following message:

License file parsing failed with err type 0, reason 2 Fail tag  NULL, Fail attr NULL, Fail errmsg Bad XML form, Last State INIT_BLDG,  Last Known tag 'NotARealTag'
% Error: License installation failed with error: XML parsing failed
% Error: License installation failed with error: XML parsing failed


You guessed it.  Unzip the file.

Nexus 7000:

Issue 1: SERVER line in license should have "this_host ANY"

On a N7K you will often see the error:
Installing license failed: SERVER line in license should have "this_host ANY"

This is usually caused by a corrupt license file.  To resolve it, follow these steps:
- Open the .lic file, copy and past its contents into notepad, and save it as type "all files" (encoding ANSI)
- Transfer the file on the N7k and run the install command
N7K# install license bootflash:MDS20110730051234567.lic

Issue 2:  Installing license failed : license host-id doesn’t match license file

The license may sometimes be incorrectly generated for the sup/chassis bundle or supervisor serial number instead of the chassis serial number. 

Run the command " show license host-id"

Contact licensing and have them issue the correct license for the chassis serial number or generate your own licens via the license generator tool on

Issue 3: Missing License

If you end up seeing the following:

nexus#sh license usage 
Feature                      Ins  Lic   Status Expiry Date Comments
LAN_ADVANCED_SERVICES_PKG     No    -   Unused             -
LAN_ENTERPRISE_SERVICES_PKG   Yes   -   In use Never       license missing
**** WARNING: License file(s) missing. ****

This means that the license file is not in the bootflash.  This issue can be seen when a customer with multiple N7Ks receives supervisors with pre-installed licenses and moves the Sup from one chassis to another. Since the license is tied to the chassis, the  above message is reported.

To get around this you simply need to put the file in the bootflash for that supervisor.

You can determine which supervisor belongs to which license by running the following command:

show license host-id

You can take the output of this command and compare it to the name of the .lic file.

Community Member


Im trying to installa a license on MDS 9124 but im getting the following error ! , I did the copy/paste in notepad and saved as ANCI but still the same error ? please help me in this issue. thnxUntitled.jpg


Hello Everyone,

I have a catalyst 3560 with an ipservices license.

I would appreciate any help I can get with locating the 

directory housing the license file and if possible, access it.


Thank you.