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Use Serviceability Features to Troubleshoot your Cat9K as a Cisco TAC Engineer- FAQ


This event had place on Tuesday 1st, December 2020 at 10hrs PDT 


This event provides an introduction to the main Cat9K serviceability features. Serviceability is the provision of the necessary tools and features to service a Cisco product and to allow the end-user to monitor, identify faults, troubleshoot, and restore service. You will learn how these tools and features work and apply your knowledge on the platform. The main goal is to efficiently troubleshoot a live network (even in degraded conditions) and to identify the root cause or trigger of a problem without the need to reproduce the “broken” state.

Featured Expert

acespede.jpg Aaron Cespedes is a Technical Consulting Engineer on the Enterprise Routing & Switching team at the Customer Experience (CX) Center in Mexico. He has worked with different Cisco Catalyst Switching Platforms, including backbone technologies, for 7+ years, and specializes in Switching technologies. Aaron holds a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications from the Universidad Politecnica of Costa Rica. He holds a CCNP in R&S certifications. He currently pursues a CCIE in R&S.

You can download the slides of the presentation in PDF format here.

Live Questions

Q:Will this work with the spf psv?

A: SPF will work on all Cat9k line except 9600/9500H in which PSV will work.

Q:How can this work with the spf for cpu generated packets _ l3 inject?

A: We capture packet from CPU using EPC, then you choose the packet number you want to test with the SPF, and use the .pcap file in the SPF capture by specifying the 'control-plane' keyword.

Q:This can work with 16.1 17.3x 17.2x?

A: The feature is available starting 16.1.x, however for 9200/9600/9500H it is currently broken and will be fixed in the latest release for 17.3.x.

Q:How will work with psv packet state vector?

A: PSV feature is similar to a Cat6k ELAM. It is a debug that will capture one live packet and determine the forwarding decision. This is only available on 9500H/9600 switches.

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