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Using show parser dump command


Peter Haynes, C4 Systems, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Using the "show parser dump" Command.

If you are searching for a particular configuration command, try using the "show parser dump" command. This command shows all the commands (and subcommands) available in a particular configuration context. For example, "show parser dump interface" will show all of the possible commands and parameters that can be used when configuring an interface.

If you add the extend switch to the end of the command, the output will also show what each of the parameters means.

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Community Member


in my experience on some testing labs I have come to think that command can become quite dangerous. In particular I noticed that on certain release if you issue "show parser" statements that are very wide (like the "show parser<CR>" command itself), the visiting routine that traverses through the parser tree will reach some branches where circular links are possible (so it's actually a graph) and therefore loop forever, blocking the session and raising the CPU.

For this reason we have decided to block the use of the command in the live network through the Tacacs+ server authorization.