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Q: What is the acronym WAE?

A: WAN Automation Engine

Q: Who are the targets for the WAE product?

A: SPs and large enterprises and Government. We are also seeing a lot of interest from integration partners who need an interface into the WAN network.

Q: What is SDN for the WAN?

A: There are two main aspects of WAE based on open standard with published interfaces using web-based open RESTful APIs for rapid application development additionally a hybrid of centralized control that must coexist with the reliability of existing distributed network control planes. WAE has a modular open design and implements integrated functions from the MATE portfolio.

Q: What is the difference between WAE and a SDN controller or provisioning system?

A: WAE uses it’s built in predictive modeling capabilities to intelligently provision LSPs over disjoint paths or around overly congested links for example.   

Q: Is there multivendor support?

A:  Yes, 100% continued commitment to heterogeneous networks


Q: When will the GA version be available?

A: Q1 CY15. We are testing extensively with customers but do not expect any live implementations before CY15. It should be noted that the MATE software portfolio is the foundation for WAE- continuous monitoring, ongoing collection and predictive analytics. Inserting MATE into the customer environment will provide a bridge to WAE with clearly defined migration steps.    

Q: How soon can my customer get evaluation software?

A: Q1CY15


Q: Is there a demonstration available ?

A: Yes. Available on need VPN connectivity to reach this site.

Q: Are there any existing customer case studies? Names not required just use case analysis?

A: Planned for post launch.

Q: Does Cisco have any public references?

A: Yes Tencent and Italtel

Q: Can I run in parallel with MATE? do I need a separate server?

A: Yes it is done in lab environments. There are response time and network sizing considerations    

Q: Is my investment in MATE preserved?

A: Absolutely, MATE and years of implementation experience are the foundation of WAE.  Please refer to the migration from MATE to WAE plan.

Q: What APIs are you planning to support?

A: Please refer to API Documentation

Q: What types of Apps do you have today?

A: Currently, there are demo apps for BW Cal and BW on demand.

Q: Can you describe how each of the use cases work? Point to where I can get more information.

A: Case studies from beta customers will be produced post launch.

Q: Do you support OpenFlow? if so which version?

A: No, this is on the roadmap for future development

Q: Do you support BGP-LS? what software do I need on my ASR?

A: Yes. For the ASR a minimum IOS/XR 5.1.1

Q: Do you support Juniper routers? What version of Junos software do I need?

A: Yes our commitment to multivendor routers continues. Junos code recommendations should come from your Juniper representative

Q: What is the relationship between WAE and ODL?

A: WAE is a complete package with no requirement for ODL components. The WAE platform uses a customized ODL implementation for network interactions.  WAE is designed to work with different deployers and can use custom ODLs to deploy PCEP

Q: Do I need to download ODL separately?

A: No. WAE is a complete package with no requirement for ODL components. The WAE platform uses a customized ODL implementation for network interactions.

Q : What protocols are we supporting?

A: See documentation for complete list. For collection, SNMP, BGP-LS, PCEP, and Netflow are supported and for the deployer PCEP, and Configlets are supported

Q: What is the relationship between MATE and WAE?

A: WAE is the evolution of MATE, integrating proven MATE technology. WAE adds automated programming to MATE's unrivaled multivendor discovery, modeling and analytics.

Q: How is current MATE customer investment protected?

A: Please see migration plan for existing customers. In short, MATE Design and MATE Live can become applications on the WAE platform. WAE uses an expanded and improved MATE Collector which is a key component of WAE.

Q: Where do I go for more information?

A: Please visit

Community Member

Hi Sambasiva, can you share more information about configlets in "Q : What protocols are we supporting?"

It`s means "Configlets generation like in MATE" or "Using configlets for telnet/ssh/netconf deploy on hardware" ?

Community Member

Andrey - It is later. In the current release it will be Telnet/SSH.



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