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When trying to access the NVRAM by issuing the write memory or show configuration commands, the user receives error message


Core issue

This issue occurs when more than one user attempts to access NVRAM at the same time. The commands which access NVRAM (write memory, show configuration, show startup-config and copy running-config startup-config) contain lockout protection to prevent another command from accessing the NVRAM simultaneously from a different port.

For example, you cannot issue the write memory command from the console and the VTY lines at the same time.

You may see this error message when you try to issue the write memory command:

startup-config file open failed (Device or resource busy)

You may see this error when you try to issue the show configuration command:

%%Non-volatile configuration memory is being accessed, Try again later


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Check for other users accessing the switch by issuing the show line or show users command.
  2. Clear the idle users by issuing the clear line command.
  3. Issue the show users command again to verify.

The NVRAM is now accessible, and you can issue the show startup-config and copy running-config startup-config commands and not encounter any more problems.