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This document describes how to configure the scheduler on Cisco NX-OS devices.





Make sure that you meet these requirements before you attempt this configuration.


  • Have a basic knowledge of configuration on Nexus 7000 Series Switches.
  • Have a basic understanding of scheduler.


Components Used


The information in this document is based on the Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS devices, started with a cleared (default) configuration. Before using this configuration make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command.


About scheduler


The scheduler defines a job and its schedule (timetable). A job is a routine task or tasks defined as a command list and completed according to a specified schedule which is the timetable for completing a job.


There are two types of mode in schedule,

  • Periodic mode - A recurring interval that continues until you delete the job
  • One-time mode - Job is completed only once at a specified time.


The scheduler allows you to maintain the activities such as;

  • Quality of Service policy changes
  • Data backup
  • Saving a configuration




N7K(config)# scheduler job name dixho-job3
N7K(config-job)# cli var name timestamp $(TIMESTAMP) ;copy start bootflash:/dixho2
N7K(config-job)# exit


N7K(config)# scheduler schedule name dixho-sch1
N7K(config-schedule)# job name dixho-job3
N7K(config-schedule)# time start now repeat 60

N7K(config-schedule)# end




N7K(config-schedule)# show scheduler schedule 

Schedule Name       : daily
User Name           : sullivanm.adm
Schedule Type       : Run every day at 1 Hrs 0 Mins
Last Execution Time : Fri Mar 4 01:00:03 2011
Last Completion Time: Fri Mar 4 01:00:03 2011
Execution count     : 39
     Job Name           Last Execution Status
             No jobs assigned to schedule
Schedule Name       : dixho-sch1
User Name           : bellg.adm
Schedule Type       : Run every 0 Days 0 Hrs 60 Mins
Start Time         : Fri Mar 4 15:02:48 2011
Last Execution Time : Fri Mar 4 15:02:49 2011
Last Completion Time: Fri Mar 4 15:02:49 2011
Execution count     : 1
     Job Name           Last Execution Status
dixho-job3                       Success (0)


N7K# show scheduler logfile
Job Name       : dixho-job3                             Job Status: Success (0)
Schedule Name : dixho-sch1                           User Name : bellg.adm
Completion time: Fri Mar 4 15:02:49 2011
--------------------------------- Job Output --------------------------------
`cli var name timestamp 2011-03-04-15.02.48`
`copy startup-config bootflash:/dixho2`



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