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Travis Williams
Community Member

Before making a change to a device that might cause problems or where you might lose your connectivity, especially if you are not near that device, I like to:

  • Save the working configuration via a "copy run start" command
  • Issue "reload in 5"
  • Make my change
  • Verify change is working alright
  • If changes are correct, do "reload cancel" to cancel the reload

Five minutes might be too long or short for you. I change the minutes depending on the situation.

If the changes don't work and you are kicked out of the router, it will reload on its own after the timer expires. After the device reloads it will come back up with the original configuration.

Note: Avoid/Resist distractions when doing this so the timer doesn't expire if the changes you make are working alright.

-Troy Rader, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA

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Community Member

thanks for sharing. good job. F85 Treadmill

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