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Kamden Schewitz
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Everyone, 

As part of Cisco’s commitment to providing intelligent network solutions for organizations to securely connect users, devices, applications, and workloads everywhere, I wanted to provide a brief overview of the latest releases to our WAN + Routing portfolio. These new products and features span from routing and virtual infrastructure to licensing and security integrations. We hope you find value in each of these. If you have any questions, please reply below.  



Overview: Cisco is providing a single manageability experience for both traditional routing and SD-WAN environments via Catalyst SD-WAN Manager. This software-defined routing operating environment provides rich add-on capabilities and workflows comparable to what is already offered for Catalyst SD-WAN deployments. 

Customer Outcome: Customers will experience scalable and unified manageability at the network edge for both traditional routing and SD-WAN environments. The key customer business outcomes include: 

  1. For users not quite ready to adopt SD-WAN, you can take advantage of a unified manager with much of the same functionality.  
  2. Users can eliminate the tedious task of using the command line interface (CLI) and greatly reduce potential configuration errors  
  3. If/when ready to adopt SD-WAN and move forward with SASE, there aren’t any incremental licensing or training requirements.  
  4. Harness embedded per-device security (zone-based firewalls, app-aware firewalls, snort, DNS, and URL filtering) and cloud security within SD-WAN Manager with intuitive security workflows. 


Catalyst 8300 uCPE  

Overview: A new, scalable, and flexible network compute platform within the Universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE) family of devices.  

Customer Outcome: This 1RU virtual platform is well suited for customers at remote locations that do not have a lot of physical space and IT expertise. You can consolidate physical networking and security devices and manage both the uCPE device and guest VNFs running on them with the same unified management system, Catalyst SD-WAN Manager. Customers benefit from deep visibility into the platform and network functions using the same centralized dashboard. 


Catalyst SD-WAN Integration with Microsoft Sentinel 

Overview: Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native solution that provides security analytics, attack detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response. Cisco is the only SD-WAN vendor that has integrated with Microsoft Sentinel, giving a unique advantage to users when it comes to security analytics and threat intelligence.  

Customer Outcome: Customers benefit from intelligent security analytics, threat intelligence integration, security orchestration and automation, automated response playbooks, enhanced visibility into user behavior, and seamless integration with the broader security ecosystem. If you are interested in learning more, read this blog. 


Equinix: Catalyst 8000V support 

Overview: The Catalyst 8000V is now supported in controller mode with Equinix integrations. 

Customer Outcome: This provides customers with access to higher throughput and additional SD-WAN features with Equinix versus the previous virtual router, CSR 1000V. 


Equinix/Megaport: Audit Infrastructure 

Overview: Audit Infrastructure provides validation of resources created across Catalyst SD-WAN Manager and various providers, as well as on-demand audits for middle-mile providers. 

Customer Outcome: Audit Infrastructure helps users identify missing resources, resources in a bad state, or stale/unknown resources. It then reports and/or fixes those discrepancies automatically helping users save time and lower opex. 


Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Integration with Skyhigh  

Overview: Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN has integrated with Skyhigh, a third-party cloud security provider. 

Customer Outcome: This integration empowers organizations with greater flexibility when selecting their preferred cloud security vendors and enables flexibility to build Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architectures tailored to your needs. 


Mixed license support for Cisco Meraki MX 

Overview: Cisco Meraki MX security and SD-WAN appliances will be able to support a mixed SD-WAN Plus and Advanced Security license environment.  

Customer Outcome: In this way priority sites could have MXs with full SD-WAN Plus license functionality and remaining sites with Advanced Security license features. 


Remote Firmware Upgrades for Catalyst Cellular Gateways 

Overview: Catalyst cellular gateway customers can now upgrade their cellular gateways remotely and at scale from SD-WAN Manager. A dedicated firmware upgrade workflow allows customers to select a remote server from where devices will download firmware files. 

Customer Outcome: Faster and simpler device upgrade at scale. 


Cisco Analog Voice Gateway VG410 

Overview: The VG410 is a new mid-density analog voice gateway set to replace the VG310 and VG320. This device features (4) FXO By-Pass ports that allow analog devices to make calls via PTSN in the event of system or power failure, along with 24-48 FXS ports to integrate analog devices into your VoIP network.  

Customer Outcome: The VG410 is intended to be a cost-saver, as it allows customers to integrate pre-made investments into a modern network without the need to replace legacy communications equipment all at once. 

Thank you reading, if you have any questions regarding anything listed above, please reply below!

Anil Patil
Level 8
Level 8

Thank you for the information.

The New Voice gateway is very cool

Thanks for the info

Level 1
Level 1

So excited to replace our 4300 fleet with the new 8300s, even if they adopted an extra RU!

Level 1
Level 1

thanks for sharing this information

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Level 1

good news - excellent information

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Level 1

very informative. thank you for sharing.

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Level 1

Thanks for sharing!

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Level 1

Thank you for sharing this information, very informative.

Level 1
Level 1

Thanks! I just learned about Cisco's innovative solutions in WAN + Routing, emphasizing user-friendly outcomes such as unified manageability, enhanced security analytics, and streamlined network operations across a range of new products and features.

Level 1
Level 1

Some great information, thanks for sharing

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Level 1

thx for sharing

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Level 1

Very interesting note What's New with Cisco SD-WAN and Routing  shared, good summary

Nice info, Thanks for sharing. hopefully can be implemented in our client 

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Level 1

Thank you for the knowledge

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