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Using Cisco My Notifications for Email and RSS updates

Hi Everybody,


How many of you have some experience with the Cisco My Notifications? Found in Menu>Support>Tools and Resources>My Notifications.


Recently we had a problem where some software went out of date on an ASA and it got power cycled remotely by an attacker. It's pretty likely you might have heard of this problem as there was a large flair up of attacks around December. The issue was patched in an earlier software release though. However, we didn't know this was out. You all know how it is, putting out fires all day it can be difficult to be proactive. Well the ASA going down was very inconvenient and we are trying to automate these sorts of things so we know when a patch is released. We subscribed for daily notifications a couple of days ago, but we haven't been getting any notifications. I'm not sure if we are supposed to be getting notifications only when there is something new or not. I figured it would notify us daily and it would say whether there is news or not. 


The RSS feed feature interests me too, but it doesn't say how to bind it to your client, has anybody got experience with this as well?


Thanks in advance for the help!


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Re: Using Cisco My Notifications for Email and RSS updates

Hi Chris,
I have been using the Notification (email) for >2 years.
I haven't received any emails since December 2019. Maybe they've gone into holidays?
I find the Notifications a "mixed bag". For Security Vulnerabilities, it is great. For Software Releases, it can(sometimes) be out by a few weeks.

Re: Using Cisco My Notifications for Email and RSS updates

Hi Leo,

Thanks for your prompt reply,
We've gotten our first email about our notification subscription. It is a little bit of a shame they don't come through more quickly. It does seem like a complex system trying to get these emails out.

I think just bookmarking this page of the vulnerabilities web-tool might be a better early warning system than attempting to get notifications in your email:,high&sort=-day_sir#~Vulnerabilities
You could even have different bookmarks for specific product sorts.
Though this is tedious.

It's kind of interesting, the email we received today is regarding the CVE-2019-16009. No other notifications have been made. The RSS feed has received many of the older ones though.

It looks to me like just keeping up with the vulnerabilities page manually with a sort and bookmark will be good enough for us.
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