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Resolved! How do I parse firewall configuration

I have Cisco ASA Firewall configuration. We typically save the configuration in text format. Is there an easy way to parse the configuration to extract all Object Network information & output in CSV format? The CSV format I'd like is:NAME, DESCRIPTIO...

WAP for cabled lab use

I'm new to the community and hopefully have chosen the appropriate group for this question.  Strangely, Cisco.com online support seems to have no technical knowledge and recommends the "community groups."We must replace some old Cisco access points i...

Mike8314 by Beginner
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Terraform AWS infrastracture deployment

Hello everyone,I wasn't sure where to open this discussion but this one seems appropriate. So we have been preparing to deploy Cisco infrastructure  (WLC, ISE) in AWS with Terraform for the last few months and are now getting close to production so w...

sroic by Beginner
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xCommand DTMFSend doesn't work

Hi Team,  unable run xCommand DTMFSend CallId:64 DTMFString:9885# ( after we pass callId got from xCommand/Dial)tried from websockets/developer API from endpoint GUI, does anyone faced this issue ?  reference https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs...

eStreamer v6.5

Hello Team,I am from Logrhythm team. Currently we are using eStreamer v6.3 into our logrhythm product. And we want to upgrade it to eStreamer latest version 6.5. In eStreamer v6.5 says they have Updated to remove support for 7000 and 8000 series devi...

Ansible For Cisco Modelling Lab

Hi Team,I am new to CML.Is there any prerequisite set up for ansible and CML reachability. Can someone please tell how to reach CML devices via Ansible. If some blog or link is there please share with me. That will be great help.Thanks in advance.

Powershell to connect to all UCS environments

I'm looking to use powershell to automate and reporting on my company's different UCS environments.  I'm trying to write a script that will connect to all my UCS environments.  I'm curious if this is possible, I know i can connect to one UCS with "co...

Ray Brown by Beginner
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