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firewall setup server ports


Dear guys

right now we are having 80 servers and which are running diffrent application.

this server are now going to be shifted behing firewall

and for firewall configuration i want to now which port should i permit for this application


How can i now which application is using which port for all this 80 server?

is there any tool or software plz let me now it giving me big headake

plz let me out of this.


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Collin Clark
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

We had to do this to mitigate some Telecom servers a while back and its no fun. We contacted the application vendors and asked what ports their applications used. A couple were spot on, but the majority of them were not. What I ended up doing was turning on debug for syslog and running each app. I then imported the syslog into excel and sorted the data (by denies) and reviewed the port numbers. It took some time, but we got them all. Afterwards I found a firewall log ananlyzer called Sawmill which would have helped a lot. I just did a quick search and I see there are more out there than when I had to do this, so they should help you out (and you can skip the Excel process).

HTH and please rate.

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