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new password still does not meet minimum criteria


got here like hundred of cisco cbs350 series switches , and it appears they are going to be sent back before i ve even begun.

So please if anyone knows how to setup a new user with a password - THAT I WANT TO USE - not the suggested one, than please let me know.

in security > login settings ive:
disabled password aging
disabled recent password aging
minimal password length is 8
allowed character repetition is 16
minimal number of character classes 1

yet if i want to create a user with password:
special character
lower case
upper case
password length of 14
i get the message to F off , the only way is to use suggested password - which i wont , - i ll be using the password that i will choose. So if anyone knows how to achieve this before i ve send this batch for a refund it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

edit: switches are mix of 350x 24 / 48p
so far i ve seen firmware

edit 2:
used older cisco to create user, than copied the hashed password and created it on the new switch
so problem solved

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