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Secure Desktop Java Problem


I'm currently configuring and testing a Cisco Secure Desktop system on a ASA 5520. I have gotten it to run on win 2k and winxp. Sadly the win 2k desktop kept overheating so i had to switch to a new client. This had just received a clean windows XP install though. The xp system has never succesully launched into secure desktop as it seems to have a memory error. When it loads secure desktop it bluescreens.

Since then i have not been able to get secure desktop to launch on the win 2k (now winxp) client.

The ActiveX  check says that it is not allowed to run and the Java Check gives off a critical error.

I have tried version 4, 6.27 and version 7 of the Java SRE.

Version 4 and 6 allow the secure desktop weblaunch to load up to the Sun Java part. At that point i receive a critical failure. Checking the logs on the java console it seems that the CSD download is seen as a untrusted download. I have not been able to find anything about this error anywhere.

Running SRE 7 the CSD check does not even recognize that the java applet has started and tells me that java is not detected.

I have made sure that the java applet is allowed to run for any reason and allowed to install anything without asking. The CSD version that is running is 3.6.3002_k9.pkg. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this image without any succes.

This seems like a very odd error and i was wondering if someone had seen something of the sort before, and if so, if there is a solution to this?

Thank you for your time.

Edit: i just enabled all the security options for java and now it will not even recognize version 4 or 6 and thereby crashed Internet Explorer.

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