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RADkit modules

hello, nice tool and more,
from where can I get the truetrace, also as standalone
and the l3 topology python modules ?
Thanks a lot

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Frederic Detienne
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello! Sorry for the delay in responding to you.

These modules are for demonstration purposes only; to show the kind of automation we can develop on RADKit. Our TAC Technical Leaders are currently developing those automations but we do not have a way yet to make them available externally at scale.

We are working on that. Would you be available for an interview ? We are seeking feedback on our externalization process.

- Fred from the RADKit team

Hi Team, Just a bit concerned that it is being advertised but not yet completed as finished product ie mapping out the topology etc?


Frederic Detienne
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I understand what you mean; please allow me to elaborate.

RADKit is an SDK: an API library for Python allowing remote control of a network at scale. These are the capabilities shown in all the other videos.

What the use-case video shows are tools that our TAC engineers developed with RADKit. As you can see from the very coarse user interface, these do not look anywhere near commercial products because they are indeed not products.

RADKit is made for everyone to develop their own custom automations and this is the only capability we claim at the moment. We shared those examples to show how powerful RADKit is as an SDK.

Due to demand, we are looking into commercial pathways to sustain tools such as network device and topology discovery, automatic analysis etc,  and make them available to the public. This will take longer but there is a huge appetite. In the meantime, RADKit itself is available and very real.

I will take action shortly to fix that video because we indeed do not want to mislead anyone.

Thank you very much for your comment; it is extremely useful.

Best regards,

- Fred from the RADKit team