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What is RADKit ? RADKit stands for Remote Automation Development Kit. It is a tool and a set of python modules (an SDK) allowing you to remotely operate network equipment. It is a a general purpose toolkit with a special focus on day-to-day operation...

Running RADkit and trying to lab with a Catalyst 8kv inside CML.  I have been able to get ietf-interfaces information from a python script but when I try in radkit first the list of capabilities is incredibly limited. and if i manually try to enter [...

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Hello Team,Little bit of clarity a customer is Federal/DoD environment with limited resources to even get us to the minimum starting point of get IaC started, to even getting the time to develop secure STIG baselines of a container type environment t...

Ketchup57 by Beginner
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I'm trying to install RADKit on a newly deployed Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS server, but get this error:   $ bash cisco_radkit_1.6.4_linux_x86_64.sh cisco_radkit_1.6.4_linux_x86_64.sh: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline' cisco_radkit_1.6.4_l...

Hi,everytime I try to call update_netconf() on any object from inventory, I get the following error:>>> pe1=service.inventory['pe1']>>> res = pe1.update_netconf().wait()>>> res.result.resultTraceback (most recent call last):File "<stdin>", line 1, in...

mv4 by Beginner
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I recently had need of pulling out information about all the FTDs from multiple FMCs within a RADKit deployment.  I haven't really done much with FMC before, but I was surprised at how easy it was...  Here's my quick solution.  The only real assumpti...

Hi, I'm trying to install RADKit 1.5.10 on Ubuntu 22.04 behind a Squid proxy. I configured the proxy: (1) via the env var RADKIT_CLOUD_CLIENT_PROXY_URL and (2) via --setting cloud_client.proxy.url option from the radkit-service CLI. My proxy URL is s...

dbillon by Beginner
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I'm trying to get RADkit service 1.5.8 to autoboot on startup on RHEL 9.  Followed the steps outlined in the documentation here - https://radkit.cisco.com/docs/pages/service_advanced.html - but it keeps exiting - see output below: radkit.service - RA...