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Jabber phone issue

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I have two Jabber Android phones that are configured in call manager 10.5. The first one BOTJAESSA has access to voicemail, and this user has full permissions (user is admin)

The BOTROVERTON keeps getting the message "Cannot connect to the voicemail server.  Verify your account information.  If problem persist, contact our voicemail administrator"   if I give this user all permission then I get the error" password expired. Contact your voicemail administrator to create a new password". I changed the "Web Application" password to match the password for CUCM application, but still is not fixing it.

My question is what permission are needed for user to be able to access voicemail via jabber, and which password need to match ?  also 


The second part of the problem is that on BOTJAESSA, I am able to see the voicemail  but when I try to listen to it then I get the message "Cannot play this vice message.  Cisco Jabber for Android does not support this formt.  Contact your voicemail adminstrator."   Is this an actual problem with jabber and android and there is no fix to it.


The third part is on Iphone I can access the voicemail and the message plays, but I hear nothing.  anyone have had this issue before?

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