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Secure Network Analytics Manager is stucked after power cut


Hi there,

My SNA (stealthwatch) has a Manager, a FC and one Data Store. SNA version is 7.4.1.

After the power failure the Manager stuck in initializing. FC & DataStore seems to work fine. Database is UP. I can't ask TAC to help me because I am using a trial version. I don't want to use the factory reset option. Is there any solution to fix this problem?

Kind regards.


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Philipp Tannich
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello @farid.hejazi,

Do you have any possible way to get physically on the machine (VNC or in person)?
Maybe you see any error on the manager node while booting up.

If SSH is already working, you can cd to /lancope/var/logs and check the logs there if you see any error.


Dear @Philipp Tannich ,

Many thanks for your reply. I already checked all of the logs and I couldn't find any useful info and also there is no error while booting up. I have ssh and console access to all of the machines. This happened three times, each time after the power cut Manager stuck in the initializing page. The previous time I tried to reset factory Manager , and I joined other nodes to Manager but no data was shown (I mean database's data). I checked through the internet and I found out that by just removing the appliance from Systemconfig it wouldn't work fine and some additional action is needed which I couldn't find either.

Kind Regards

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