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Cisco IDS 4230 Sensor ceases to function during the power on process or after a period of normal operation


Core issue

An inductor on the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) 4230 motherboard fails, rendering the unit non-functional. About one percent of the units have experienced this failure.

The failure may occur during the power on process or after a period of normal operation. When the failure occurs, some smoke is produced by the inductor and briefly exhausted from the chassis. After failure, the unit may stay powered on with fan or LED operation, but it ceases to function and becomes unresponsive to network traffic and console activity.

Failure can occur after a few months of operation.

No other IDS NetRanger (NSR) or 4200 series platforms are affected by this problem.


Cisco offers replacement IDS 4235 units for customers with IDS 4230 units experiencing this failure or customers who wish to replace their IDS 4230 units. The IDS 4235 Sensor performs at levels equal to or exceeding the IDS 4230 under all network conditions.

For information on ordering a replacement, refer to Field Notice: Intrusion Detection System 4230 Sensor Inductor Failure.

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