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Cisco ISE Integration with Mobile Device Management (MDM)



Mobile Device Management (MDM) software secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across mobile operators, service providers and enterprises. A typical MDM product consists of a policy server, a mobile device client and an optional inline enforcement point that controls the use of some applications on a mobile device (like email) in the deployed environment. However the network is the only entity that can provide granular access to endpoints (based on ACL’s, TrustSec SGT’s etc). It is envisaged that Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) would be an additional network based enforcement point while the MDM policy server would serve as the policy decision point. ISE expects specific data from MDM servers to provide a complete solution

The following are the high level use cases in this solution.

Device registration- Non registered endpoints accessing the network on-premises will be redirected to registration page on MDM server for registration based on user role, device type, etc

Remediation- Non compliant endpoints will be given restricted access based on compliance state

Periodic compliance check – Periodically check with MDM server for compliance

Ability for ISE administrators to issue remote actions on the device through the MDM server (e.g.: remote wiping of the managed device)

Ability for end user to leverage the ISE My Devices Portal to manage personal devices, e.g. Full Wipe, Corporate Wipe and PIN Lock.