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Cisco Security Manager (CSM) - Gathering a Database Backup


Cisco Security Manager is a network management tool that allows you to manage and configure firewalls and IPS devices in your network.


When troubleshooting CSM set ups, it may be necessary to gather a database backup. The database backup includes all your device configurations, policy objects as well as your CSM configuration.


Below are the steps to perform the database backup.


1. In the CiscoWorks Homepage, select Common Services > Server  > Admin > Backup.





2. At this point, you can generate the backup. A backup request will cause all process to be brought down.  During this time the server will not be accessible. The processes will  restart automatically once the backup is complete.



3. The gathered backup will show up as a folder labeled with the number "0". You will need to ZIP this folder to make sure no files are lost when uploading it to a TAC case.


Alternatively, you can use command line to gather the backup:

C:\>NMSROOT/bin/ BackupDirectory [LogFile] [Num_Generations]


BackupDirectory — Directory that you want to be your Backup directory.

LogFile — Log file name.

Num_Generations — Maximum backup generations to be kept in the backup directory.


Scenario 2:


I would like to know why my backup is not running in the scheduled time. If I chose to run "immediatly" it runs without problems and a folder called "0" is created in the D:\Backup_CSM.Scheduled backup does not run and I see no info in the logs and I receive no emails. How to debug it?



I ran into a similar problem with CSM 4.4 where the problem was the backup process would get an empty space in front of the time and then not run. 

A fix for this problem was issued in CSM 4.4SP1 and CSM 4.5.

If you are running CSM 4.4 a workaround would be to schedule the backup between 10.00am & 11.59am or 10.00pm and 11.59pm.

Bug is available in the bug toolkit with bug id CSCug45741


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