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The CSC-SSM-20 supports:

  • Simultaneous IP connections flowing through the module for 1000 users
    • The HTTP, FTP, POP3, and SMTP protocols that the module inspects are not always on. Instead, they are intermittent and periodically activated when a user attempts to browse a Website, download a file, retrieve electronic mail and etc. The module uses its Statistical Multiplexing technique to take advantage of these intermittent nature of protocols in order to utilize the available resources efficiently.
  • 500 simultaneous connections for HTTP protocol with an additional queue of 128 connections
    • The CSC-SSM devotes a large number of simultaneous connections to HTTP because it is the most frequently used protocol.
  • 75 simultaneous connections for SMTP and POP3 protocols with an additional queue of 128 connections
    • Use of large attachments through electronic mail to broad distribution lists may exceed the number of allocated simultaneous connections.
  • 100 simultaneous connections for FTP protocol with an additional queue of 128 connections
    • Each FTP download requires several simultaneous connections for control transactions and file downloads. The number of allocated simultaneous connections may be exceeded when the module is protecting dedicated FTP servers.