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How to add a self-signed certificate in the list of root trusted certificates after the installation of Cisco Security Manager


Core issue

After the installation of Cisco Security Manager (CSM), one of the required tasks is to add a self-signed certificate. This means that each time you try to access CSM server with HTTPS access, you are prompted with a Security Alert dialog box to accept, reject or validate the self-sign certificate. This dialog box appears each time you connect to the server.  If you choose Yes, this accepts the self-signed certificate for that session.

Refer to Post Installation Server Tasks for more information and tasks.


Complete these steps in order to not be prompted each time you connect to CSM with HTTPS:

  1. Access CSM with HTTPS.

  2. In the Security Alert dialog box, choose View Certificate instead of Yes. 

  3. A new window appears where you see Issued to = issued by.  This means it is a self-signed certificate.

  4. Choose Install Certificate, and the system now installs the self-signed certificate.  You are not prompted anymore when you connect to CSM.

Note: With the installation of the self-signed certicate, you eliminate the prompt by the Security Alert dialog box. This step is optional.

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