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How To: Configure and Test Integration with Cisco pxGrid using ISE 2.0


November 2015

This document contains ISE 2.0 installation details for Cisco platform exchange grid (pxGrid) and associated SDK and includes sample pxGrid scripts. These can be run in a non-802.1X or 802.1X environment.

pxGrid ISE 2.0 new features:

  • Dynamic Topics–contextual information can be shared between the registered/subscribed pxGrid clients. pxGrid clients can act as publisher or subscribers to publish or consume this information. Please note that ISE will not be able to consume this information.
  • Adaptive Network Control (ANC) Policy- provides 3rd party applications or Cisco Security Solutions to customize mitigation actions: quarantine, remediation, provisioning, port bounce, port shut from an ISE policy or pxGrid ANC query script.
  • Publish SXP Bindings- enables subscribers to get receive IP, SGT-Tag, Source, Peer Sequence information The reader will use Radius Simulator for non-802.1X environments. The pxGrid session attributes such as posture

    information, endpoint device require an 802.1X environment for testing.

    The pxGrid ISE 2.0 features require an 802.1X environment for testing. Additionally, TrustSec compatibility will be required on network devices if testing SXP is planned.

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