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How to configure Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine for Windows authentication




This document shows 2 methods for ACS 5.X installation



Method 1:

VMWare Workstation 7 - VM Configuration Tasks


VMWare Workstation 7 - VM Configuration Tasks

VMWare Workstation 7 - VM Configuration Tasks


VMWare Workstation 7 - VM Configuration Task


  1. VMWare WS 7.2 > File > New Virtual Machine
  2. At the Welcome Wizard, choose Custom (advanced) radio button
  3. At the Hardware Compatibility choose Workstation 6.5-7.x
  4. Guest Operating System Installation: select <I will install the operating system later> radio button
  5. elect a Guest Operating System: select <Linux> radio button then select <Other Linux 2.6x kernel> from pulldown list
  6. Name the Virtual Machine: give it a meaningful name
  7. Processor Configuration: select 2 processors
  8. Memory for the Virtual Machine: select 4 GB
  9. Network Type: select <Use bridged networking> radio button
  10. Select I/O Controller Types: select LSI Logic
  11. Select a Disk: Create a new virtual disk
  12. Select a Disk Type: SCSI
  13. Maximum Disk Capacity: Maximum disk size 60 GB, Split virtual disk into multiple files
  14. Specify Disk File: leave this as default, click next then click Finish


Method 2:


VMWare Fusion 3.1 - VM Configuration Tasks


  1. File > New
  2. Option-1 Insert your ACS 5.2 bootable DVD disc, then select the <Install this operating system> radio button
  3. Option-2 if you wish to install directly from the ACS ISO image file, choose <Continue without disc>  Then select <Use operating system installation disc image file> radio button and browse to your ISO file. Choose Operating System: OS: Linux version: CentOS
  4. Linux Easy Install : uncheck <Use Easy Install>
  5. Click on Customize Settings button and provide a name to your new VM e.g., ACS52.vmwarevm
  6. From your settings screen provide the following configuration:
    •      2 processor cores and 4096 MB RAM
    •      Hard Disk: 60 GB
    •      Network: Connect directly to the physical network (Bridged)

  7.   Power on your VM.


Scenario 2


I'm trying to change the management IP for ACS 5.2 in GUI, but failed to find it.
Is there any way to change the IP address in ACS GUI?

you cannot change the IP address in the GUI. The ACS is an application which run on an appliance. You must change the IP address on appliance level, to do so ssh to your appliance and login,

then configure terminal

interface gigabit 0

ip address [your ip address] [your network mask]



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