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How to configure the PIX Firewall to log the DNS name of a website in the syslog instead of the IP address


Core issue

PIX messages, which usually go to the console, can be collected if the messages are sent to a device running a syslog daemon (syslogd). These messages can provide information on the site visited by an inside host or workstation because the IP address of the website is logged.


The PIX cannot be configured to send the Domain Name System (DNS) to the syslog server of a website in the syslog messages instead of the IP address.

To monitor traffic that passes through the PIX, use syslog messages logged to a syslog server or PIX Device Manager (PDM).

For information on how to configure the PIX to send syslog messages to a server or to the console, refer to these documents:


To control how PIX works with syslog, refer to the Using Syslog section of Accessing and Monitoring PIX Firewall.

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