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How to download and then upload a configuration into the Cisco Clean Access (CCA) Manager


Core issue

The CCA solution comprises three main components:

  •   One or more CCA Servers
  •   A CCA Manager
  •   Optional CCA Agents

Customers configure the solution using a web-based interface on the CCA Manager and the CCA Manager distributes that configuration to the CCA Servers.


Complete these steps in order to download a configuration and then upload it again:

  1. Choose CCA Manager > Administration > Backup.

  2. Click the Create Snapshot button in order to create a file with the current configuration that can be seen in the table. From the table, you can click on the configuration in order to download it to the PC.

  3. Click the Upload Snapshot button in order to upload the snapshot file from the PC.

  4. In order to have a snapshot file be the current configuration, click Restore on the same line as the snapshot file that you want to be the current configuration.

  Refer to the Clean Access Manager Installation and Configuration Guide for more information.

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