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How to generate a Fresh DART along with Windows Event Viewer.


  1. Go to the Event Viewer console by searching for Event Viewer on the Windows search bar.

    2. Once on the event viewer console, go to the path Windows Logs, System, right click on System and click on Clear Log. Do the same process on the path Applications and Services Logs.

    3. Once the logs are cleared try the AnyConnect Client Connection without closing the event viewer.

    4. Once the attempt has been performed, gather the DART file.

    5. Once the DART Bundle is on zipped on your computer go back to Windows Event Viewer and export the Windows System Logs as follows; right click on Windows, System Logs and click on Save All Events As. Place both files on the Desktop (DART and Windows Event Logs), you can either store them together on a ZIP file or save them as separate files.