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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN

ISE 2.1 & 2.2 Guest Enhancements PDF


This is a PDF going over enhancements around Guest Access Management in ISE 2.1 and 2.2

ISE 2.1

  • Proxy support for HTTP API (SMS)
  • Bring Back from 1.2 – From First Login
  • NIC Teaming
  • Integration with more SAML providers for web portals
  • Guest Portal allows credential and SAML SSO login option
  • Sponsor Approval Pending accounts filtered view

ISE 2.2

  • Single click guest account approvals
    • Sponsor approval email includes approve/deny links
  • Pending Approval Filtering off person being visited
  • Added support for AD/LDAP (ISE 2.1 SAML/internal already supported)
  • Sponsor Portal enhancements
    • auto-timezone
    • Column add/remove/resize and reorder
    • Search on phone number
    • Ability to notify guest even though sponsor can’t see password
    • Creation date column
  • Bring Back from 1.2
    • Custom Portal Files (replaces need for file remediation)
    • Mini-editor choose custom file
    • Support of video, images, javascript, .JSON
  • Sponsor group LDAP attributes
  • Auto send notification to guest if email address present
  • Set guest password via CSV and API
  • Background Image support
  • Hotspot COA (Change of Authorization)
    • re-auth vs terminate (fixes hotspot reconnect delays of 10-30 sec)
  • Sponsor Portal guest import allows sponsor to set the password
  • ERS API updates
    • Set guest password
    • Create guest types and sponsor groups