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Problem while adding an IP Camera 2500 on the Cisco VSOM




When the user is trying to add an IP Camera 2500 on the Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager (VSOM) version 6.3.1 the Camera does not get added and the user gets the error "-1 [ERROR] could not start proxy p_s1_youyou_1" How this error can be resolved?


If the Camera is running 1.x or 2.x version of the firmware then upgrading the firmware will resolve the issue. For more information on upgrading the firmware refer to Upgrading to Release 2.1.7.


Follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware and solve the issue:


  1. Go the Video Surveillance Management Console VSMC page of the media server that the camera is configured on by entering http://<media_server_ip>/vsmc in the address bar of the browser.
  2. Choose Configuration > Media Server > Local Repositories
  3. Uncheck all the repositories checkboxes that are checked.
  4. Click the Update Button at the bottom.
  5. Make sure you see the "Successfully Updated" message
  6. Check the same repository checkboxes again
  7. Click the Update Button at the bottom.
  8. Make sure you see the "Successfully Updated" message
  9. Restart the Cisco Services again from Restart Server--> Restart Media Server button


Scenario 2:


User is setting up some remote sites and need to stream the video back to HQ for a short time (maybe 2-3 weeks). 
Does anyone know of a bandwidth calculator for 2621 cameras?



The Cisco VSM Configurator tool will provide bandwidth and storage calculations for any of the Cisco cameras.  Recently Cisco has launched latest release 



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You may wish to edit that post.  That does not describe the method to perform a camera upgrade via the VSMC pages.  From what I can tell, it simply unregisters and re-registers the mounted media repos?