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TAC Security Podcast Episode #41 - Troubleshooting ASA Clustering



Show Name: Troubleshooting ASA Clustering

Contributors:  David White Jr., Magnus Mortensen, Jay Johnston

Posting Date: April 1, 2014

Description: This the second podcast episode focusing on ASA Clustering technology. The podcast panel explains the "life of a packet" through a cluster of ASAs, and the different connection types introduced with the clustering feature. Finally, the team discusses how to troubleshoot connectivity problems through a cluster.


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About the Cisco TAC Security Podcast


The Cisco TAC Security Podcast Series is created by Cisco TAC engineers. Each show provides an in-depth technical discussion of Cisco product  security features, with emphasis on troubleshooting.


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Show Notes

Configuring a cluster of ASAs - from the ASA General Operations CLI Configuration guide, v9.1

Clustering Deep-dive presentation and PDF files - From Cisco Live (free login)


(the image above is from Andrew Ossipov's Cisco Live presentation (See link above to download)