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The Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) Solution Engine console becomes unavailable after an upgrade to version 3.3.3


Core issue

When the Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine 1111 or 1112 is upgraded to version 3.3.3, console access can become unresponsive. The appliance boots up, but a CLI prompt does not appear when the upgrade is finished and the console returns a blank screen.

However, the appliance is still operational, and GUI access is not affected.

In order to reproduce the issue, complete these steps:

  1. Choose System Configuration > Appliance Configuration. 

  2. Enable NTP synchronization and configure the NTP server address.

  3. Click Submit.

  4. Choose System Configuration > Appliance Configuration and click Reboot.

  5. The BIOS boot sequence appears on the CLI console. The login prompt may not appear. However, you are able to access the GUI management console through HTTP.


The issue is documented in Cisco bug IDs CSCsb26676 and CSCsc52381.

Cisco bug ID CSCsb26676 is to be fixed in version 003.003(004.001) and 004.000(001.027). These versions are not yet released. However, there is a patch for fixing this issue.

For information on downloading this patch, open a service request with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

If the patch does not restore console connectivity, try this workaround:


Remove the NTP configuration from one of your appliances, reboot it, and see if console connectivity is restored. You can then re-enable NTP once the appliance is back up. The console should remain operational.

In some cases, reimaging the appliance using the Recovery CD might resolve the issue. This essentially reimages the device completely and sets the configuration to the factory default settings.  For information on reimaging the appliance, refer to Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine System Recovery.

Note: When reimaging the appliance, be sure to take a good backup of your database, which you can do via the web GUI interface.  After you reimage the appliance and if you changed the IP address, verify that the settings have taken and are properly configured.

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