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Unable to import RDBMS synchronization for users to set network access restrictions, and the "nms-csacs-1 ERROR Parse Error: Reason - Value out of Range" error message appears


Core issue

In this issue, Action Code 123 for Initializing and Modifying Access Filters fails with this error message:

05/30/2007 16:55:05 nms-csacs-1 ERROR Parse Error: Reason - Value out of Range [SI=1 A=123 UN="fred" GN="" AI="" VN="" V1="* *" V2="AAA Client/PORT" V3=""]


In order to sucessfully perform RDBMS synchronization, complete the steps in this procedure:

Create an accountactions.csv file and save it to Program Files > CiscoSecure ACSvx.x > CSDBSync > Databases > CSV.  The assumption is a default installation of ACS.

Note: The order of the fields is very important for the RDBMS synchronization. The basic format for the accountactions.csv file is SequenceId, Priority, UserName, GroupName, Action, ValueName, Value1, Value2, Value3, DateTime, Message No., ComputerNames, AppId, Status.

The sequence ID is any unique number because ACS usually starts to apply the codes with highest priority and then lowest ID. This is why the sequence ID must be unique for all the entries, as shown in this example:

1,0,user1,Group 1,100,,password1,,,10/07/2005 0:00,0,,,0
2,0,user2,Group 1,100,,password2,,,10/07/2005 0:00,0,,,0
3,0,user3,Group 1,100,,password3,,,10/07/2005 0:00,0,,,0
4,0,user4,Group 1,100,,password4,,,10/07/2005 0:00,0,,,0

This accountactions file adds usernames user1,user2,user3,user4 to Group 1, with passwords password1, password2, password3 and password4 respectively.

Note: This file can be created in Microsoft (MS) Excel, as long as these columns are incorporated in the same order. This is an example of how this file is created in MS Excel:

  • SequenceID
  • Priority
  • UserName
  • GroupName
  • Action
  • ValueName
  • Value1
  • Value2
  • Value3
  • DateTime
  • MessageNo
  • ComputerNames
  • AppId
  • Status

Refer to these documents for more information:How to configure RDBMS synchronization in Cisco secure  ACS for windows version 3.3 ?

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