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Getting Started with Smart Net Total Care

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As networks become more complex to meet the growing demands of cloud, big data, social media, and mobile initiatives, your team is probably still being asked to do more with less. With Cisco’s Smart Net Total Care (SNTC), you can have the tools you need at your fingertips to simplify inventory data collection, risk management, network maintenance, and device information consolidation. Thus, you don’t have to spend time and resources manually implementing repetitive device inventory procedures, maintenance tasks, and fundamental support processes.


To learn more about how SNTC combines Cisco's industry-leading and award-winning, foundational technical services with an extra level of actionable business intelligence that is delivered to you through the smart capabilities in the SmartNet portal, check out this guide. Then get ready to make the most out of your SNTC benefits by checking out video resources, portal registration, tool list and much more.

Cisco Employee

We have a case with a  customer, they are trying to install the collector, but to activate the collector they need Cert., customer tried to register to the portal already and after registering to the sntc portal they got a message stating a cisco agent will review your request and get back to you in 1 business day. But after more than a week no update, it seems none can help or support


I think Smartnet Total Care is great. Only the smartnet total care portal is pretty useless at the moment. Many shortcomings and no support through the community. I've posted several question but no reaction during weeks. If you think about using the portal you might want to buy support from Cisco in order to get help. An inventory which is not 100% accurate because of things not working properly is useless.

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